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The Needs of Human Beings with Mr. Madslow

This guy here pretty much nailed it.

I’m no psychologist but I think I know bits and pieces about plenty of things that’s how I like it- so I’ll ramble on and you will get the point eventually.

So this guy.. Mr. Madslow he developed a thing called the Hierarchy of Needs its a pyramid which classifies as Human Beings what we need to survive and to thrive.



So there it is.. you can see it there in rainbow colours.

As Human Beings our need are:

Basic needs (safety and physiological) which include breathing, food, water, security

Psychological needs (love, belonging and esteem) which include friendship, family, self-esteem and respect.

And Self-Fulfilment needs (self-actualisation) which include problem solving, creativity, acceptance, morality and spontaneity.

Self-actualisation is the process by which one achieves their highest potential. Many people do not reach this level – some say once our basic and psychological needs are met its only then we can reach Self-Actualisation.

This involves a continuous cycle of looking at the self- a growth mindset, if you will, where we examine, reflect on and develop, change and grow.

Where do you see your needs been met or not met?

Do you want to change them?

How will you change your life?

Only you can decide that!

Be good or be good at it 🙂

Stephanie x


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