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Testimonials of my services...

I have had multiple readings with Stephanie over the past year. These readings have been both business and personal based. Stephanie is always accurate with the information she gives and this assists me to get clear about my direction and make empowered choices within my business and life. She has been able to describe people around me and give me insight into difficult situations and also advice as to how to deal with these situations well. Stephanie has even been able to give me names of future clients, so when they ended up coming to me, knew that these people were going to be special clients and people I would learn from and take my business to the next level. While I am not patient and want to push my business forward, Stephanie has helped me to measure my approach and plan according to the timeline she sees for my business growth. This has taken pressure off me in terms of pushing to hard to fast and also relaxes me as I believe what she tells me and she can see growth in my business. On a personal level, Stephanie has assisted me to get to know myself, believe in my gifts and intuition again. For this I will be eternally grateful.

Cass Jensen


Big thanks to Stephanie for teaching me her chakra and energy clearing techniques that were subtle, fun yet powerful. I even had a nap afterwards and a deep sleep that night!

The next day, my chakras felts more balanced and clearer. The amazing thing was that I could even know that!
Throughout learning the techniques, I started developing more of a sense of each chakra and what was happening with them.
She was patient and clear in her instructions – a natural teacher.
The zig-zag technique was especially powerful – I could feel things gently and subtly changing in my chakras.
The beauty of her techniques is that they are subtle and gentle, because my energy can be sensitive to anything too intense. And I’m not a fan of meditation either.
Most of all, it was just really fun to play with colour again.
Overall, I feel like my energy is a higher vibration, more synchronicities were occurring and things were easier to get done. Life is easier in this vibration.
Thank you Stephanie!

Leah Foley