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FAQs about me and my services:

I am based in Blacksmiths, NSW, Australia and have helped people all over the world via chat, video, phone and in person.
For me, it does not matter where the person is or how I read them as I work through spiritual energy. I see movies in my mind with sound, colour and sense/feel as if I am the observer or the camera. I prefer to work face-to-face whether its online via zoom or in person. I am a very straightforward and honest person who likes to provide positive, concise and specific details for the person I am reading. A reading with me is a conversation that is really between the spirit world, myself and the person I am reading.
I do not give insight on legal or medical matters including pregnancy. This is a matter of ethics – I’m not a medical doctor or psychologist and
therefore do not allow this.
I do not need to be asked a question and can tune in directly to your current problem/s. I can also look into the past, future and help to contact passed over loved ones in spirit.
What does a psychic do?
A psychic reading is a consultation with a person who claims to have intuitive or psychic abilities. The reader may use various techniques, such as tarot cards, astrology, or clairvoyance, to provide insights and guidance about the client’s life, relationships, career, and future. The goal is to help the client gain clarity, direction, and a deeper understanding of themselves and their circumstances. Psychic readings can be done in-person, over the phone, or online.
What is a medium?
A medium can also refer to a person who has communication abilities with spiritual beings, such as a psychic or a mediumship.
What is a spiritual healer?
A spiritual healer is a person who works to improve a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. They use various strategies like meditation, prayer, energy healing, and other techniques to help restore balance and harmony in an individual’s life. They believe that we are all connected to a higher power and that our bodies and minds can be healed through spiritual means. Spiritual healers can also help an individual discover their purpose in life and guide them towards a more fulfilling life path.
If you’re a psychic, do you read people all the time?
No. An ethical reader does not tune in without your permission.
Do you use tarot cards or crystal balls?
No. I am a spiritual channel. I prefer not to use any of these psychic tools when I work. So a reading is a conversation- just like you’re chatting to your friend!
I am very skeptical. How can I find out more information?
Skepticism is definitely rife and fairly so. I do not set out to prove it to you, as I have had to prove it to myself. I would not be doing this work if I did not believe in my gifts. I have quite a few reviews on my Facebook page here.
How long have you been psychic?
My psychic abilities have been passed down through both my maternal and paternal lines but particularly my maternal grandparents. I have been aware of my abilities from when I was 13 years old- I sense I have had them since birth.
How long should I book a reading for?
I offer readings for 30 minutes and 1 hour.
It is useful to go for the shorter session if you have 1-2 questions and the hour session if you have a few or would like to look deeply into a
question or issue. I am a very concise and straightforward reader.
Do you offer reading packages?
No. If you would like additional readings after the first, there must be at least a period of 6 months before I will see you for another appointment. This is because of the scope during my readings. The scope usually covers at least a 6 month period so it is unnecessary to have another consultation. Also, it leaves you empowered and responsible for your own life!
Do you cast spells or will you make my boyfriend come back?
No sorry love. If this is what you are after I’m not your reader. I do not aim to please by telling you what you want to hear and always, always
follow my guidance. If you come to a reading with me expecting a particular answer I am sorry to say you will most likely leave disappointed. Life is not all candy and rainbows. I want to empower individuals!
FAQ about Spiritual Healings
What do Spiritual Healings treat?
Spiritual healing does not cure or treat medical conditions. It is not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice or treatment. It helps to clear your spiritual energy system which has a flow on effect emotional, mentally and physically for you.
Will I feel anything during the healing?
Depending upon your sensitivity, you may feel different sensations during the healing session. If you do not that is completely ok too. It is best to come with an open mind without expectation and just enjoy the experience.
Is Spiritual Healing safe?
Yes. I know the archangels work through me and look after me and any of my clients.
What happens after a Spiritual Healing session?
After a healing some people feel light and some people feel tired. It is useful to drink some water after a session and listen to your body. It may be useful to ground such as walk outside on the grass or eat some grounding foods such as root vegetables.
Is it better to do the session remotely or via zoom?
Honestly, it is your preference whether you would like the session to be face to face via zoom or without me present. It does not matter the session will be the same and have the same effect as I can do the healing session without you present. If you choose to do the session remotely, after I have completed the healing I will send you a document with any messages I have received.
Are there healing packages available?
Yes! Please contact me directly if you would like to organise additional sessions as a package.