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The Psychic Senses Explained.

There are seven psychic senses.

First off, the most commonly known one is probably clairvoyance so clairvoyance means to see- to clearly see. Clair is a word derived from the French meaning clear. So clairvoyance means clear seeing so this means you get visions, images or pictures in your mind or you may see it with your real eyes. Either way, it is clairvoyance.

Next there is clairaudience. Clairaudience is hearing. This predominantly means you hear your spirit guides speak to you or you hear things outside that you need to know. For example, you may wake up and hear a song on the radio or hear a song in your mind or you may have a conversation with someone who unwittingly tells you something you needed to know. These are all examples of clairaudience working for you.

Another type of sense is clairsentience. This means that you sense and feel- so clear sensing. This means you predominantly work with your chakras and subtle bodies so you sense and feel the information around you. So this may mean, for example, when you walk into a room after an argument you may sense the lower vibration there or you meet up with a friend who you leave and notice you feel absolutely drained- this is clairsentience.

Next, we have claircognizance- clear knowing. This usually works by just your thoughts- they’re just your thoughts where you know things that you just shouldn’t know. This is what I find to be the type of sense that most people do not recognise as a psychic gift because it is predominantly your thoughts and therefore its hard to distinguish between your thoughts and what is, in fact, psychic information.

The other two senses are clairgustance (clear tasting) and clairalience (clear smelling). These senses are rarer than the rest. I have had information where I tasted cigarettes- this was not fun at all! And obviously, clairalience is where you smell the information.

So certain people if they’re lucky enough their senses all work together, some people have a dominant sense and others don’t care to understand it- they just work with it 🙂

Finally, we have empathy. This is just feeling the energy around you. This kind of ties into clairsentience, however, its a lot deeper and a lot more information can be gauged as you get the information from your mind rather than the physical surroundings.

So I hope that has helped you to clarify what psychic senses you may be aware of in yourself and I would be interested to hear your thoughts on your psychic development and what I have said in this blog!

If you’re wanting to get support in your development I have a Facebook group The Rainbow Spirit Warriors. You can find out which type of Rainbow Spirit Warrior you are in this quiz!

Have an amazing day!

Stephanie x


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