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My Third Book: The Rainbow Healer: A Healer’s Guide to Healing Yourself

August 1, 2019

Hi everyone! My third book is now available via Amazon  as a paperback or e-book or directly from my website. It is a short book with comprehensive information about colour healing, crystal healing, chakra healing and energy healing with practical exercises …

13th November 2017 – 19th November 2017 Planning, Altruism and Grace

November 13, 2017

There are some days that are flowing along well and others that are not. It is the power to overcome the obstacles in the day that allows us to stand taller and have broader shoulders. It is the lessons of …

FAQ: The Difference Between A Psychic, Medium, Empath and Healer.

October 13, 2017

Commonly, if you’re inclined to go searching for spiritual advice you look for someone with a label similar to the above. Here are the similarities and differences between these different labels. Psychic: a psychic is a person who can tune …

3 ways to find your life purpose

October 11, 2017

Hi Ladies! I hope this little blog finds you well and you’re ready to find your purpose. Ok here goes. Here are three little tips for you from someone who knows her purpose! Don’t listen to anyone else but yourself. …