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I have worked as a professionally psychic since 2015. I first worked on The Circle, a UK-based chat platform where I worked with people from all over the world.

I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant which means I see, sense, hear and know psychic information. I have also tasted and smelt it at times which isn’t particularly fun. I believe my psychic abilities have come from my ancestry in both maternal and paternal lines but particularly my maternal great grandmother. I discovered I was a medium about a year and half before claiming to be one. My great grandfather popped into my mind and said just do it love referring to working as a psychic. I haven’t looked back. My healing abilities were discovered in 2018 when I used my hands to heal my sore throat and I have worked online via zoom, in person and remotely with them having very good reviews and feedback.

My reviews have included words like ‘honest’, ‘accurate’, ‘straightforward’, ‘calming’, ‘comfortable’, ‘safe’, ‘fun’.

On a personal note, and also my former life, I am a biological scientist (PhD) and I taught over 600 students in my life. I have worked in administration and have studied various subjects such as retail, community services, life coaching, science, administration, research commercialisation and some psychology and patent law. I am a single mother to a daughter who I adore.

Anyway, enough about me. Check out the work with me section if you’re looking for a reading or a healing. The shop contains various workbooks and resources for your own healing and the courses section contains various self-paced courses on healing, mediumship and psychic development. 


In love, peace and joy always, 

Stephanie x