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You are an intelligent, intuitive and creative women who is looking for a new direction and fulfillment in your life but lacking direction right now and questioning yourself.
Right now, you may be feeling unhappy, frustrated or overwhelmed with your life and you don’t know quite why.
You spend your days busy – always busy- and not doing what you truly want to in your life. You may be procrastinating on making decisions or unsure about where to go next in your life. You may feel like something is missing but don’t know what it is. 
You know within yourself that your life can change but you do not know where to start. 
You know what?
I say let’s start with you!
Secretly, I know it’s all about you and your natural gifts, talents and skills to expand your life and help others but you want the clarity and confidence to truly move forward.
I’m Steph – you can guess I have walked this path just like you and was once where you are now!
I have felt overwhelmed, frustrated and unhappy with my life. In 2012, I experienced profound shifts in my life. At this time, 6 months out from finishing my PhD I thought why I am doing this?
I do not want to spend my life doing research! At this time, I also had my daughter and for me this was a turning point (or as someone put it to me, it was confirmation of my new colours – my aura had shifted!).
Soon after, I experienced a new awareness, a heightening of my intuition, that I could not ignore and realised I was a psychic medium and spiritual healer. I trained as a life coach and started my own business in 2016 helping people through grief, and to realise their full potential through spiritual mentoring, spiritual courses and spiritual readings and healings.
I love the work I do it is truly fulfilling for me and I am no longer unhappy with my chosen career path or myself. Within myself, I feel total congruence with my heart and mind and I know that spiritual work is what I am destined to do.
Can you imagine feeling totally satisfied and at peace with yourself? Can you imagine no longer feeling stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated but living a life where you feel confident, energised and in control of your own life?
Let me show you how to simply and easily master your self and determine your destiny so that you can have a life full of fulfilment, satisfaction and freedom!!!
I help intelligent, creative and intuitive women who are struggling with their life direction and confidence within themselves by coaching them to find their life direction and heal themselves so they can feel confident and energised in their life.