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Do you want to change? What’s stopping you?

Imagine a life without limits. You can do anything you please. Yet you don’t move toward what you are wanting. Why is this? Is it fear? Is it excuses? Is it that you are comfortable where you are and not willing to take a leap of faith?

See, change starts with YOU and only you. You are the one who decides where you are going, what you’re going to do and to take action in your life, or not take action- this is totally up to you.

Your mind it loves to stay comfortable. It likes to alert you of danger on your path and you making a new decision creates an uncomfortable response- but what if? well I don’t know how? Excuses- I can’t.

You can change your mind. Just as you can change your life. There are no limits in your life- except your mind.

So figure out what’s the worst that could happen if you took that leap of faith?

I have a little activity- if you would like. If you’re sitting here thinking I don’t need to change I am happy with life- this is great for you- I’m amazed – I hope your life continues on a upward slope to continued happiness, abundance, peace and joy- and you could probably skip this part- but if you are wanting to change aspects of your life- this could include career, relationships, finances, fitness, mindset, health or anything else in your life- give this visualisation a go. Read it all first- then do it!

First off – you will need a paper and a pen or Microsoft Word or Notepad or something similar to write down your thoughts after you are finished the visualisation. Then get comfy wherever you are sitting.

Then click here: (this is just a relaxation track)

Take 2 deep breaths.

Close your eyes. Take your time- maybe 30 seconds here to get centred and relaxed.

Ask yourself in your mind:

What do I want to change in your life?

What do I want to change right now?

What would change look like to me?

Why do I want to change it?

Spend time thinking about these things until you’re satisfied with your answers.

Take some more deep breaths and close the meditation browser.

Write down or type your answers to those questions. Ask yourself:

Are these changes realistically for me right now?

What is the first step to make the change happen?

And most importantly:

Why do I want to change?

From here- you have a choice- take action or take no action- this is your choice.

Create a small action plan. The first step, the second step, the third step and you will go there when you remember the why, you commit and you take action!!!!!!!

Hope you find this helpful. This blog was inspired by a motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

I love his work- check it out here:

Enjoy your journey!

Stephanie x

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