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5 Types of Meditation to Help You Spiritually Awaken

Meditation is the umbrella term for a wide range of practices that allow the participant to self-regulate their body and mind. Meditation has been proven to provide health benefits in all aspects of life including lowering blood pressure, more focus, less stress and slowing down the aging process. Practices include:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Meditative Movement exercise
  • Breathing exercises

There are many more types of meditation however this blog aims to introduce you to different types of meditation practices that are useful during your spiritual awakening.

Mindfulness Meditation is a practice where the breath is used as the focus point.  This meditation allows there to be focus on the present moment by focusing inward on the breath. When the focus becomes distracted by thoughts the individual allows the thoughts through with gentle awareness and acceptance before focusing back on the breath. Here is a short mindfulness meditation you may like to try.

Mantra meditation is a practice where a word is used as the focus point. A mantra is a word repeated with the purpose of focusing your mind. An example of a mantra is ‘OM’. A short mantra meditation is here.

A guided meditation is one that is spoken by an individual/s who does not take part in the meditation and instead guides or instructs the participant/s.  Guided meditations are usually mindfulness meditations utilising visualisation such as a beach or garden setting. An example of a guided beach meditation is here. These meditations are wonderful for relaxation.

Meditative movement exercises such as yoga, qu gong or tai chi help to balance the functions of the body and mind through gentle and purposeful practice.  All of these practices focus on the breath and allow a person to become grounded, centred and relaxed via slow movement and focus. A 30 minute guided yoga video is here for you.

Breathing exercises are a type of meditation practice that is quick and easy enabling the individual to become calm, grounded and centred quickly in a variety of situations. Here is a quick video on deep breathing.

All of these meditation practices will help you remain focused, centred, grounded and relaxed. They will support you through your spiritual awakening by allowing you to remain present, grounded and focused.

Leave me a comment and let me know what meditation practices you have tried and which you enjoy most.

Until next time, enjoy your journey!

Stephanie x

Excerpts of this blog have been taken from my book Spiritual Versus: A guide to Psychic Development which can be purchased as an E-book or in print.

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