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Is comparing yourself to others going well for you? No! These tips will help!

Comparisonitis: Comparing Yourself to Others.

It has come up again and again with my clients over the past few weeks. Many client’s feel stuck or unable to move forward because of their case of comparisonitis and they are not sure of how to stop comparing themselves to others. Below I have outlined some techniques and tips you may use to help overcome this.

First of all, think about what you are comparing. Are you comparing the shop front? Is what you are viewing as magnificent in their life a true representation of the individual’s entire life? I doubt it!

Become aware of the why. Why are you allowing yourself to compare yourself to others- what has triggered this thinking pattern?

What you’re comparing is it a fair comparison? Are you comparing their strengths to your weaknesses, for example? Is this fair? I doubt it!

Be Grateful for your strengths and what’s going well for you. A gratitude journal is a really useful tool for you to examine what you’re thankful for and will help you to acknowledge where you are at and what’s going well in your life.

You’re on this Earth to do something only you can do!

Comparing yourself to others – it’s not worth it because everyone is on their own unique journey and therefore, you should compare yourself to yourself!

Ask yourself these questions instead:

What have I done today that’s better than yesterday?

How have I moved forward from last year until now?

And celebrate those successes every day!

Let me know if these tips have been useful for you and which ones you have integrated into your life.

Enjoy your journey and keep smiling!

Stephanie x







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