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Bundle it up: graciousness, acceptance & judgement

Yesterday I attended a refreshing and entertaining seminar from a lady who by all accounts I thought would be just the same as the last – who acted with a touch of superiority and unkindness- just simply intrepid. I’m very glad that I decided to jump out of bed and get myself there because I would have missed out on some inspiring information.

No names mentioned here but surely this woman was different. Raw, entertaining and straightforward with honesty thrown in for good measure. This realness had me pondering the ability to be gracious, have acceptance and to be discerning rather than judgemental. In fact graciousness is something I have been thinking about for a few days because I find this is rare too and definitely takes some tact, restraint and humility. The ability to put others before yourself and to remain present while talking with them instead of being on that phone, daydreaming miles away or interrupting just so you can tell your story first. The ability to put others before yourself regardless of your inhibitions is certainly something that I think is exemplary of leadership and for me as I have said is found in the rare individual- and they would know who they are.

These are all things I am still learning I am by no means perfect and do not wish to be. I am just observing individuals and for one reason or another find very few who are not quick to judge or dismiss,  act without kindness or acceptance of others even if they are in a position where they should.

So take some time to ponder this. Could you  be more gracious, more accepting, more discerning rather than judgemental?

Keep smiling and have fun always!


P.S I apologise for the big words.. my spirit guide is cluey (maybe its just me?).

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