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Are you derailing yourself?

So you’re on your train. You know you’re on the right train. You know the destination and you know you don’t want to get off until the train reaches the end of the line. So why is it that you’re stuck at the station?

Now you have to wait for your next train.

Finally, you’re back on your train.. chugging along well until – looking left and looking right – decide to disembark at the next stop which is not your destination and you’re stuck again.

Why do you keep getting off the train you know you’re supposed to be on?

Have you considered that you may be derailing yourself?

No you will say- I like the scenery, what’s the rush, I like the shining thing I saw or even I want to play games – and yet all you’re doing is distracting yourself from being on the train you know you should be on and reaching that destination. Now who I am to tell you you’re derailing yourself? I am not the train master.

But what I will say is this.

Are you derailing yourself?

Take care and ENJOY your journey!


P.S This little anecdote is a metaphor..




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