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Psychic Tools and Techniques

This is just a short blog discussing some relevant tools and techniques that are used by psychics. Of course, not all psychics use all tools or all techniques there are many.

Psychic Techniques


There are many different types of meditation including mindfulness meditations, guided meditations, chanting meditations, chakra meditations etc. Your intention dictates the type of meditation you do. For example, you can meditate to simply relax or meditate for psychic guidance or meditate to gain specific insights into events, people or places. The key is to find the quiet space to tap into your higher self or your spirit guides/angels.


Psychometry is the ability to get information through an object such as jewellery or a photograph about a person, place or situation.


Scrying is an ancient technique. It involves using a crystal ball or other reflective surface such as water or a mirror to foresee information. An example of this would be looking at the clouds to try and see pictures.

Aura Reading

Auras are subtle energy bodies surrounding humans, animals and objects. A psychic with developed clairvoyance may be able to intepret and see the aura with their eyes or with their third eye through the third eye/brow chakra.

Chakra Reading

Chakras are energy centres situated around the body. The seven main chakras are located above the forehead, on the forehead between eyes, the throat, the heart, below the rib cage, near the belly button and at the base of the spine. The chakra system corresponds to various life aspects including emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Location of the major chakras in the body

Psychic Tools

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are useful tools in psychic work especially for beginners helping to develop their intuition and psychic abilities. Oracle cards come in many different varieties including angel oracle, archangel oracle, fairy oracle, life purpose oracle cards, unicorn oracle cards. They are usually easy to intepret and have clear messages that help to build on your natural intuition.

Tarot Cards (some tarot cards shown in featured image)

Tarot cards are similar to playing cards. They consist of minor and major arcana. Again there are many different varieties and can be used as a tool to aid in psychic readings.


Pendulums are widely used for yes/no questions.

A pendulum


There are many different types of crystals that each are thought to have healing properties corresponding to the 7 major energy centres. Crystals can also be used for grounding, balancing and protecting energies before, during and after psychic readings.

Please feel free to comment. In the next blog I will be discussing the Chakra system in more detail.

Enjoy your journey!



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