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Signs and Synchronicities

I am now on my right path. I feel it and I know it, just like I know my name and I know my age- the affinity I feel as I am walking my right path  provides me with the same tangible-ness as my name and age. In other words, the way I feel is in total balance with my life purpose because I can no longer argue- just as I cannot argue with what my name is or my age.

Are you on your right path?

Conversely, when I labelled myself as a biological scientist and I once thought of this as my life’s work/journey – I knew somewhere deep inside it was not congruent to who I truly am. When I say I’m a psychic medium, an author, a life coach, a healer I KNOW this feels right and sparks JOY for me. This is what I am passionate about in life, and this is what I will do for the rest of it as my life’s work. No question.

In retrospect, along my journey there have been a variety of signs and synchronicities that have led me to this point. Now that I am on this path I am noticing even more. I have listed some below:

Angel Numbers:

Nowadays this is something that is a daily occurrence- repeatedly.

For me, I see X:34 at least 4 times a day (i.e. 634, 734, 834) and repeating numbers (i.e. 616, 717, 818) on the clock, or on the phone or on a receipt. I know my angels are guiding me and reassuring me I am on the right path. Originally, it started with 12:34 and this has evolved. I also see 11:11 on occasion and this signifies new beginnings.

Reflecting on this, do you see reoccurring numbers in your life?

Check out Joanne Sacred Scribe Angel Numbers website for interpretation:


Well I have a fascinating story for you folks:

One morning in November 2015 I was going out. As I left my home there were two white butterflies fluttering in my front garden. I had never seen butterflies up until this point at my place. I got into my vehicle and travelled about 5 minutes away. The entire time I was driving I had white butterflies flying across my windscreen and around my car. Probably would have been around 30-50 butterflies. I returned home around 4 hours later to find a single Monarch butterfly at my front door.

This was one event. It hasn’t repeated. It was real. No question.

I now see this as the point of my transformation- when it started. I see this as a sign.

This Spring I have seen butterflies daily – a combination of white butterflies and Monarch’s I feel just telling me I am on the right path- more signs.


Just before the butterfly event in 2015, I saw 4 rainbows in 3 days. 1 rainbow, a double rainbow, and then a single rainbow. I feel this was another sign.

Premonitions & Warning Signs:

Certainly before I joined the dots in regards to my life purpose I have experienced a variety of gut feelings, premonitions and warning signs via thoughts, visions and feelings. Some things have included:

  • Knowing  I was going to be in a romantic relationship with a particular person upon meeting them.
  • Knowing a relationship was going to end at a particular time.
  • Knowing I was going to get fined on a particular night.
  • Having a vision of a spider and sensing it was behind the towel on the clothes line (this happened 2 days in a row). This I feel was a warning sign from my guides.

There are plenty more but you get the idea. I had hunches and insight before time occurred about things that I could not have known. Sometimes I listened to the intuition and/or the psychic glimpses and sometimes I did not.

‘Spiritual’ People:

Looking back, all of the individuals I have been intrigued by I see as ‘spiritual’ people even though I was not aware I feel that these people were living their life positively to their best potential.

Songs on the Radio:

There have been times where I have heard the same song on the radio repeatedly for several days. At times, I feel this is a sign for example ‘don’t give up’ has been a song at times when I have questioned this path.


Again, feathers I feel are another sign from the universe in regards to my journey. I have seen white and black feathers which are supposedly symbols of protection.


This is another sign people may see on their journey to indicate prosperity and abundance or it is said to be a sign from loved ones in spirit.

I feel like being aware of signs and synchronicities in your life will lead you to live on your highest path- whatever this may be for you and align yourself with your best life’s journey.

Are you able to recognise signs and synchronicities in your life?

Hope you are well and enjoy your journey!






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