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3 Fun and Easy ways to Shine Brighter!

You know what? Sometimes its fun to wander in your mind.. to think about tomorrow, to think about yesterday, to stress about tomorrow, to stress about yesterday, to imagine tomorrow, to imagine yesterday.. do you wander a lot?

Yesssss I hear you.

I have days of monkey madness too.

So I actively use mindfulness to help me to remain calm, focused and less stressed!

Here are 3 simple ways you can use mindfulness practices daily to help you to be calmer, more focused and less stressed!

1. Mindfulness meditation- there’s a ton on You Tube. There’s Body Scan meditations, Breathing meditations (I like Jason Stephenson or the Honest Guys), such asĀ here.

2. Mindfully walking- that’s right.. mindfulness can be as simple as concentrating on the movements you take when you walk- try it!

3. Colouring in! Who doesn’t love it??! You will be focusing, calming your mind and having fun all at once!

Schedule in at least 20 minutes a day and you’re well on your way to shining brighter!!!

Until next time, keep following the rainbows!

Stephanie x

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