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Collective Ascension Reading for the Rainbow Spirit Warriors Tribe (channelled 8th March 2021)

This morning as guided I pulled an intuitive insights reading for the collective where I asked what does the collective need to know and I was asked to draw 6 cards and realised that this reading was not a daily insights reading (as I do this ad-hoc) but an overall energy reading for the collective for me these are people who are awakened or awakening: Healers, Psychics, Shamans, Pagans and Mediums who I call the Rainbow Spirit Warriors tribe.  This is also the name of my Facebook group – come and find us if you want to!

This reading is not given with a time attached to it.. its not for this particular week or this particular year.. although I feel like its not just for our lifetime. This ascension process is cyclic and is happening over thousands of years (we are in the Age of Aquarius so 2160 years and perhaps a shift will occur in humanity.. who knows.. so maybe I should call this a collective ascension reading.. something like that!

Please read this energy reading and let me know your thoughts!

The cards used are the Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell. 

Cards reading top left across row to bottom left and across row followed by channelled interpretation:

  1. Birthing a New Age: Birthing New Creations. Dreaming a new world into being

Key messages:

  • Cyclic endeavours
  • Restoration of Earth and aligning and balancing grounding and spiritual energies for human beings. 
  • Restoration of individualism – looking inward before looking outward. 
  1. Deep Replenishment. Retreat. Rest. Be Held.

Key messages:

  • Be with nature as much as possible, the sea, the trees, the flowers, the moon.
  • Clarity and peace restored when in balance. 
  1. Imrama. Where are you being called to journey to?

Key messages:

  • Unravel your learned notions to determine WHO YOU ARE.
  • Figure out your goals in life, for humanity, for yourself, for your family. 
  • Expand your horizons follow your own intuition, dive deeper into your own healing
  1. Get Grounded. Empaths. Highly Sensitives. Connect with Nature.

Key messages:

  • Be with nature and ground your energy everyday
  1. The Age of Light. You’ve been training for this for lifetimes.

Key messages:

  • Collective evolution is happening at an accelerated rate right now
  • Stand up for your beliefs and following your own intuition
  • You have been training for your spiritual journey over many lifetimes!
  1. Council of Light. Divine Orchestration. Helpers in the Subtle Realms. 

Key messages:

  • You are being spiritually guided in all aspects of your life 
  • Tune into your guidance team regularly at least 3 times a week or more.

Overall Channelled Message:

“All of you are waking up in your own time. All of you are walking your own path in a cyclic manner. All of you are expanding your own consciousness at a time when humanity as a whole is awakening and up-leveling in their individual consciousness. Nothing is ever straightforward in the life of a person who pursues a spiritual occupation or direction. Rest is needed as expectations amount to nothing. Expectations are real setbacks to those who wish to walk forward and expand their horizons. Connecting with nature is necessary in these next three years to balance out the grounding and spiritual evolution of the Earth. No energies are without help from Ascended Masters, Plaidiens, Spiritual Guides and Helpers. Do not look outward when you can look inward. Retreat and renew your energy as you are guided to and be patient.”

Have a magical week 🙂

Stephanie x

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