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earth star chakra

Why I look at the Earth Star Chakra During My Spiritual Healings

November 12, 2023

The Earth Star Chakra is located about 20 to 30 centimetres below the feet and not connected to the physical body. It connects directly to the core of the Earth and plays a huge role in grounding your spiritual energy …

two women with vitality

Spiritual Healing of the Emotional Self to Enhance Vitality

October 18, 2023

Spiritual Healing is using universal consciousness energy to heal the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual planes of a person.  A person who experiences spiritual healing usually experiences an upliftment in energy enhancing their vitality. I work with the God ministry …

spiritual healing miscarriage

Sabrina’s Story: Spiritual Healing after a Miscarriage

October 2, 2023

About Sabrina’s Past Sabrina* is my friend’s sister. We crossed paths on Facebook along the way as she was on my Facebook business page and won a mediumship reading. During the reading, issues come up including her grief from the …

spiritual healing

Pippa’s Story: Restoring Trust in Herself and Speaking Up

September 25, 2023

How I met Pippa Pippa* is a married entrepreneur. She is savvy, intuitive, smart and down-to-Earth. She and I met randomly online as we were both working in similar industries. She approached me and we got chatting about all things …

spiritual healing cancer

Kate’s* Story: Spiritual Healing Cancer, Anxiety & Depression

September 24, 2023

Introduction: About Kate’s Past It’s not every day you meet someone like Kate*. She is a humble, meek and mild women with a passion for creativity. I have known Kate for about 5 years and during that time we have …

spiritual healing open communication

Polly’s Story: Spiritual Healing and Open Communication

September 18, 2023

About Polly Polly* is a mother of three (one on the way) beautiful children. She lives in America somewhere and booked in for an Emotional Healing Session via zoom.    The Emotional Healing Session for Polly Polly was about 6 …

spiritual healing after separation

Rosa’s Story: Spiritual Healing after Separation

September 5, 2023

About Rosa Rosa* requested an Aura and Chakra Report with Spiritual Healing. She stated she recently separated from her husband and was a little emotional and that was why she wanted the session.  The Remote Aura and Chakra Report for …

spiritual healing

Caitlin’s Story: Childhood Wounds and Spiritual Healing

August 21, 2023

About Caitlin Caitlin* is a healer who uses Reiki.  She wrote to me – she was looking for an Aura and Chakra Report because she wanted healing to move forward. The Aura and Chakra Report for Caitlin Overall Caitlin had …

spiritual healing healthy relationships

Erica’s Story: Moving Forward Into New Relationships Spiritual Healing

August 14, 2023

About Erica Erica* wrote to me – she was looking for an Aura and Chakra Report because she wanted to know if there were any blocks stopping her from having a relationship.  The Aura and Chakra Report for Erica Overall …