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Spiritual Versus: A Beginner’s Guide to Psychic Development


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Are you asking yourself any of the following:
Am I psychic?
What does being psychic mean?
What is the difference between being psychic and being intuitive?
What is my most dominant psychic sense?
How do I protect myself from negative Nancy’s or Debbie downers?
How do I improve my psychic abilities?
Then read on!
Spiritual Versus: A Beginner’s Guide to Psychic Development answers all of these questions and more. It provides you with knowledge, practical tips and reflection quizzes on a variety of concepts relevant to beginning your psychic development journey. You can examine your spiritual development using the reflection quizzes again and again. The ideas presented in the book are simple, clear, and easy to grasp, yet profound. It is an enjoyable, easy-to-read book that is educational and entertaining.
You can purchase my book Spiritual Versus: A beginners guide to psychic development is available  you can order online as a paperback or e-e-book via Amazon.
I have a course called Rainbow Heart that is based on this book. It is self-paced and includes a facebook group for asking questions as well. That course is available for $147 AUD please click here for details!



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