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Soul Work: A Lightworkers Guide to Soul Ascension, Soul Healing & Soul Alignment


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This book is for YOU dear lightworker.
YOU are ready to heal your energetic blocks and develop more confidence to use your soul gifts to help yourself and others to live the life that is in alignment with their soul.
This book is written deeply and broadly so that you can explore concepts relevant to your soul and your divinely guided life journey because God knows you know YOU best.
There are four principles I have been guided to share to remind you of your divinely guided life journey and to explore further as you read this book.

  1. Everyone has a soul.
  2. Using your intuition is a divine right
  3. Divine guidance is a divine right
  4. Ascension is happening both individually and collectively as a human race. It has for all time, and it will continue.

The book will help you to explore:

  • Your journey of soul ascension and where you feel you “fit”
  • The concept of the spirit realm and how you can connect with spirit guides, ancestors, Archangels, Ascended Masters and more.
  • Your most dominant spiritual gift and how you can deepen your gifts to explore universal consciousness.
  • The soul archetypes relevant to soul healing
  • How the soul archetypes relate to various healing roles on Earth



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