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Well I need someone to tell me the future!

Hi again!

I don’t know about you but as a psychic I cannot tell the future- funny isn’t it??!

See there’s this misconception that if you’re a psychic you can tell the future- nope- a psychic tells future trends.. future trends based on the energy of the client at a particular moment in time. You see right now I’m working as a psychic- that’s what I do- I do psychic work. I read trends in people’s energy fields. So if someone read my energy they will say wow you’re psychic.. and I’ll say yes I know.. but if tomorrow I changed my mind and decided to be an acrobat at the circus- well you bet the psychic will pick up that I’m an acrobat at the circus. Do you understand?

In essence, you have free will!

I can sense and follow the energy trends of the past, the present and yes the future as in your current energy- nothing else.

There is no magic bullet or magic potion- one must live life to decide where and what they will do.

If you do decide to have reading from a psychic, be sure to keep an open mind and take along some questions as the more specific you are.. usually the more specific they can be. Me personally, I like to just take a look and tune into you without any questions- makes it more real for me that way- and I get straight to the problem- and this is so enjoyable for me.. and well you sit there with a grin thinking wow this chick knows what shes doing. You bet. I’m just getting started!

A person can gain so much from a reading- hope, empowerment, positivity, awareness of themselves- but their future lies in their hands- and only theirs!

Keep smiling!


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