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Mediumship and The Soul Hardcopy Book


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Do you wish to deepen your mediumship knowledge?Are you wanting to know more about Archangels or Spirit Guides?

Do you have an interest in spiritual awakening and it’s link to mediumship?

This book helps you to gain the knowledge to improve your mediumship connection and information about spiritual ascension and awakening which is interwoven with your mediumship progression. There are established mediums in every state and every country in the world. Everywhere!We are needed in every corner of the Earth!

The mediumship ascension route varies between people – having a good mediumship connection is vital and this book will show you how to get a great connection to the spirit realm. This book includes reflective quizzes to allow you to reflect on your spiritual journey so far!

This book is available as an e-book or paperback from Amazon (your local distributor).

This book is a prescribed text as a part of the Rainbow River course.


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