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General Channeled Reading 17/05-23/05/17

Indications here that at the moment there are again a lot of questions around people who are questioning where they are going in their life and trying to decide between one thing or another. And I also feel that there are currently endings for a lot of people however over the next few weeks there are going to be new positive beginnings changes for a lot of people in their relationships or work lives. People will find satisfaction and happiness on their journey particularly around the end of this month.

My guide is indicating this week you are either in an ending phase, where things are ending, or you’re in the very early stages of new beginnings or you may have been given an offer or may have taken out on a date, for example, you’re the very early stages of beginnings or your finishing/ending, things are completing for you- kind of in that crossover period if you like at this time.

My guide is also indicating at the moment people are questioning a lot of things in their life where they want to go and I feel things are going to move forward positively over the next few weeks- I’m going to leave it there as I’m repeating myself.

*This is a video transcript taken from here.

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