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FAQs: Do you use tarot cards? What do the cards say?


This question always makes me laugh.

See when I first started my development on a conscious level I was asked if I would like to use cards to read someone. I thought “Yeah whatever I’ll just make it up- how can cards tell the future what a load of shit”.. anyway soon enough I realised I don’t need them!

It is a very big misconception that psychics read cards.. its a good party trick though don’t you agree?

I prefer not to use cards during my readings but have used oracle cards on occasion- I love angel cards! That’s all I am drawn to.. pretty cards.

My favourite deck is this one! Love it!

I’m signing off the blog for this year- and will start up again in February 2018- hope you have an amazing Christmas and even better 2018!

Stephanie x



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