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Collective Energy Forecast: 8th February 2021 – 14th February 2021 [Transcription]: The time is NOW!!

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my Collective Energy Forecast for the week beginning the 8th of February 2021 until the 14th of February 2021. Today i’m using the Quantum Oracle by Sandra Ann Taylor and I will draw what I am intuitively guided to draw for this particular week so here we go!

Welcome if you are new to my channel please like comment and subscribe I will truly appreciate it um and also if you could share the video that would be great okay so for this uh week I’m drawn to be um to draw six cards so that’s what I’ll be doing oh a few in here the wrong way six cards

What does the collective need to know for the week 8th of February 2021 until the 14th of February 2021 oh I can feel my guides and angels up my back wonderful!!! all right here we go

okay this is interesting all right so what i can see here is quite an interesting mix of energies uh this week so the first card I drew is a creative endeavor so what I sense for this week is that there’s going to be something that you are beginning still in this beginning phase and contemplating for this week, something creative, something fun, something inspiring, something motivating that you are wanting to do and you will be in a planning stage so it will be – maybe having some doubts around doing this particular venture for yourself.

The next card I get is deception and when I look at this card you can see there is a man and a woman, the woman’s whispering to the man and potentially you’re in the front now I don’t actually says this is about anyone’s uh deception in their lives other than self-deception so it ties back to the previous card in that you’re they’re wanting to say what is it that you’re deceiving within yourself about moving forward with this creative venture what are you – you know are you doubting yourself too much what are the – the fears that you have in regards to moving forward on these on this new adventure for yourself.

Next card the loving woman – so this is a reminder to be loving toward yourself again I sense in this card the beauty the abundance with those grapes the food the flowers there what are you doing this week to allow yourself to feel abundant and feel the beauty around yourself?

Next, Courage this new beginning – this creative endeavor – will take some courage what are you stepping into? Are you stepping up fully and embracing who you are allowing yourself to reframe the fear and the deception that you are feeling within yourself. This ties into this card “dark thoughts”. What thoughts are going through your mind this week?

“I can’t do it I’m not ready yet oh I’ll wait till next week no do it now! Step up now because now is the time that is the theme the topic for this weekly collective forecast do it now and the last card fear allowing yourself to step away from the fear and looking at things from the aspect of love!

This creative endeavor that you’re embarking upon will bring you lots of light will bring you lots of positive energy right now you are beginning there is a fearful and deceptive energy going on oh I can’t do this you know but I can tell you these two cards actually these three cards (Courage, Creative Endeavour, the Loving Women) tell me that if you have the courage to love and accept yourself all of these negative energies that are floating around will not be worried about and you will move forward into a brighter future in with this new beginning so that is my collective energy forecast for the tribe this week and I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

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