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Collective Energy Forecast: 5th April – 12th April 2021 Don’t Assume, Go with the Flow & Be Present! [Transcription]

Hello there!

Welcome to the collective energy forecast for the week starting the 5th of April 2021 until the 12th of April 2021. my name is Stephanie Rae Pritchard. I’m a spiritual mentor, spiritual healer and spiritual medium and I work helping predominantly women to tap into their intuitive gifts and to find their divine paths through healing work as well so before I start I just wanted to say that until midnight on the fifth of April 2021 I’m offering 30% off of all of my services which incorporate readings and healings as well as my self-paced courses so if that’s something you’re looking for right now check out the links below and the information and please if you want a course just message me through the Facebook page and we can go from there I am doing things a little differently for this collective forecast as I’ve been guided not to use cards so I’m just going to talk to you and channel as I do as well as my services being at a discounted rate until midnight on the 5th of April Australian eastern standard time I have another announcement but I’ll say that at the end of this channeling so here I go:

So I’m asking what does the rainbow spirit warriors collective need to know about the week starting the 5th of April 2021 until the 12th of April 2021 and the first word that I’m hearing is assumptions – assumptions so what is it that you’re assuming over this next week that that is holding you back from moving forward and also what is it this week uh where you are pushing rather than going with the flow?

I feel that like there is a very very much a need to stay present as we go through this next week and allow yourself to go with the flow and I feel like that’s the overall message to not push to just maybe be a little bit more patient and be a little bit more reflective rather than pushing forwards and taking much action this week.

I feel like it’s a week where there is a need to be a little bit invisible whereas there is a need to maybe take a step back if you’re out there in the online business world and have some reflective time for yourself so yeah I feel like overall go with the flow be patient, be reflective and be non-assuming as you go forward because I feel like if you assume things your path can be blocked as you walk forward so it’s quite a short reading but that’s all I will say.

I want to say that on the 22nd of April I am going to run a workshop online which is a free workshop which will help you to figure out your soul purpose and your soul gifts so of course you can have more than one purpose but allow you to get clear on your soul purposes and your soul gifts so if that’s something you’re interested in please click here to sign up to the workshop which will be online via zoom and it will be an interactive and practical workshop where you will be doing some writing so you’ll need a pen and paper and we can work together to explore your soul gifts and soul purpose anyway that’s it from me.

I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll talk to you soon!


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