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Collective Energy Forecast: 22nd March – 28th March 2021 Stand in Your Power & Be the Leader! [Transcription]


This is a transcription of my collective energy forecast for the week starting 22nd March 2021 until 28th March 2021. You can view the video here:

Hello everybody welcome to a quite a different collective energy forecast for this week where unfortunately for me it’s been pouring rain and I will not be going outside so I’m a little late but here we are so I’m going to do the energy forecast for the week starting tomorrow the 22nd of march 2021 until next Sunday and the date is the 28th of march 2021 and I’ve been guided to grab again the angels and ancestors oracle card deck by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses so here we go!

So I’m going to ask what does the collective need to know right now okay and I’m going to pull six cards for this forecast for the week so here we go one two three four five six so the first card lord take charge with authority so what are you doing this week uh that enables you to be in a position of leadership if you’re in business for yourself what are you doing to take steps and take ownership of your own decisions and take responsibility for your own actions be the master of your own destiny and be clear on the direction as you walk forward this week be true to yourself!

The second card is medicine mother – honor your inner knowing and I think this ties in with the first card as I look at it I feel like this card is about your inner knowing and also your spiritual guidance team, your guides, your spiritual ancestors, your archangels, the angels and anyone else who you feel congruent to, are guiding you in the right way for you so take heed and know that everything is going to be all right if you follow your inner knowing don’t second guess yourself!

I feel like with these two cards overall there’s an appreciation of the self, appreciate yourself! Fully appreciate yourself fully and in doing so have the confidence to step forward and be who you are completely and utterly unashamed of it allow yourself to yeah step up and be who you are I keep hearing this for myself step up and be who you are okay uh third spirit fox and it says trust your talents in changing times so if things are changing for you trust that everything’s going to be all right trust in your talents

(Next card) The eagle see from a higher perspective so this card is about seeing things as if you were up in a helicopter looking down or you know from that bird’s eye view – being able to almost separate yourself from the situation you’re in and look at yourself objectively and look at others in in your surroundings objectively as well so um taking the emotion out of things i feel is what i need to say so I’m not saying don’t care about things I’m saying when you look at something look at it objectively okay um so see it from that highest perspective um in with love and compassion for yourself and for everyone else.

Okay the fifth card is Seer : see beyond the current situation so whatever is happening for you right now, it is inevitably going to change – life is about change okay think about yourself – 10 years ago you are in a different place than where you are today and again in another 10 years, you will be in a different place so see beyond the current situation allow yourself to set goals but know that things will change and those goals may change too and that’s fine!

And the last card stargazer and it says set your sights higher oh my gosh is this reading for me or you because um yeah I’ve been told keep going go higher! Go higher! All right so set your sights higher, so whatever you’re thinking about aim higher – as far as your business direction: aim higher! As far as your career path! But keeping true to yourself as well all right so whatever that means for you so um that is all for the reading today but i wanted to talk to you about my Thursday nights at 8;40 pm AEDT I offer free readings on my Facebook page so if you’re interested in that please come along and ask a question because you’ll see just a snippet of how I read for people.

I’m a psychic medium and a spiritual healer and in fact when I read for a personal reading I do not use cards I can channel directly I use cards because people love pictures a lot of people are visual learners. In fact 80% of people are visual learners and then you have auditory learners and kinesthetic learners who love to do things by who love to learn by doing so yeah please just check out the link below for my Facebook page and also there is a link to my services if you would like to book a mediumship reading which incorporates psychic as well so that means looking at any passed over loved ones who may be in spirit for you and also your past your present and your future energies okay because nothing is ever 100% accurate you can make a decision tomorrow and everything will change on your path potentially so yeah just check me out.

I have a lot of reviews and I also offer spiritual healings as well I do this through my own unique way where I use coloured pencils to read the chakras and the auras I can see auras with my physical eyes I can also see guides with my physical eyes at eyes at times but mostly it’s with my third eye in my mind um so I get a very strong interpretation of your aura and chakras so the colors are shown to me and also the I sense the chakras in my body so I can sense blockages in the chakras I can sense and and also sense what’s going on so I can go quite deep into that and so I do that remotely and I’ll send you a report which will include a symbolic representation of the auras and chakras and also if you would like I have the option there of adding messages from the archangels as well which is obviously for in my point of view at a higher vibration than perhaps passed over loved ones come through um so yeah if that’s something you’re interested in the orange up report with spiritual healing and messages from the archangels is $111 AUD (Australian dollars) so yeah but you can check out all of my services below um on the Acuity link that’s there and I look forward to speaking to you again next week hopefully in the lovely weather outside and I’ll talk to you soon bye!

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