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Collective Energy Forecast: 15th – 21st February 2021 Lessons, Reflections & Follow Your Heart [Transcription]

This is a transcription of the video of the collective energy forecast for the coming week. You can see it here:

Hello everybody!! Welcome to the collective energy forecast for the week starting the 15th of February 2021 until the 21st of February 2021. Today I’m going to use the angels and ancestors oracle cards and I will do what I am intuitively guided to do okay so I’m going to draw three cards today so what does the collective need to know this week from the 15th of February until the 21st of February 2021.

Oh very interesting so first of all we have hunter track down your fears and desires so I think this continues on from last week where I was talking about you’re in a new beginning planning stage and you are overcoming those fears and I think that this is a continuing theme at the present time and you’ve also got the star ancestor card which says follow the voice of your soul so with this card what I sense is that there is guidance being given to you there may be signs that you see physically such as angel numbers or butterflies or feathers on the ground or coins on the ground from your loved ones and ancestors and that they’ll be shining the way for you moving forward this week and the last card that we have is mirror guardian take time to reflect so when I think about reflection I think of journaling now this may or may not fit into your schedule or you may feel oh now takes too long what’s the point but just jotting down some points in the morning it’s called morning pages they usually say to write three pages but if you don’t feel up to that write a few sentences to help you clear your mind and get clear about your goals for the day and what you’re doing to move forward in your business in your career in your family life etc

So there is this reflection you can see this is a a woman who’s looking into the mirror and so you know what you put out you get back so that as well I feel is a key that I need to say with your words choose them wisely with your actions choose them wisely remember life is cyclic okay things are in cycles so you’ve got lessons to learn and those lessons if you don’t learn them they will be repeated so I just wonder as I’m saying this whether lessons and reflecting on lessons are a key aspect for this week.

So for me in particular I’m starting restarting my business and there is a lot of reflection and restructuring and re-planning going on this week for me so yes similarly for you what is that you need to reflect upon in your life what hasn’t worked before what’s working now etc and and still in that planning stage in that beginning stage of moving forward in your life so I was guided earlier in the week to not use cards for today’s forecast so what I’m going to do as well is tune in and see what I get for this week by channeling as well so please just give me a second

All right so I’m get being given two words perfectionism and articulation. So around perfectionism nothing is perfect okay there is this this attitude that you have to get everything right and what I am being guided to say is no you don’t, you have to try – you have to take the steps and to move forward even if it’s not perfect put it out there see what happens right because you’re not going to know until you give it a go and the second word I got is articulation – speaking your mind, speaking your truth and speaking clearly about what you want to do in your life – to guide people, to help others whatever it is around your career , around your work, whether you’re in business, whether you’re in a managerial role: what is it that you need to teach? to guide? to help other people?

So yes they were the key words I got and I also am being shown that mirror again the reflection of what you say and that will come back to you so put yourself out there do it in peace love and joy and I’m sure things will move forward for you well despite any fears that you have at the present time get clear on what you desire using your own intuition using your own processes for meditation journaling etc and take time to reflect on what hasn’t worked what is working and what a similarly your goals what it is you want to do and putting those plans in place!

So if you would like a reading or a healing I will put up the link to check out the services I have available probably by this afternoon by the time you get this on YouTube I will have changed my pricing structures again and I will be adding a new service most likely Akashic record readings so if if you are interested in Akashic record readings they are looking into your soul purpose looking into your life path looking into your you know who you are and getting down to the the grittiness of that um overall so that session will be different to a normal reading it will not be me telling you in particular it will be a co-creative session where we both tune in and we both um work together to come up with your Akashic record guidance so it is a session where you’ll need a pen and a paper you will need an open mind and you’ll need you know an hour probably I’m going to offer them for just $39 AUD as it is something I’ve just been guided to do today and I’m going to give it a go um I’ve done it for myself and I’d like to try it with others.

As well as that I have 30 minute or 60 minute mediumship readings which are now from now today available via zoom via email or via Facebook messenger and I also offer spiritual healing so these sessions are done remotely or absently where the person is not present however I tune in read the the spiritual energy field, send through a report , clear the energy and you do have the option to book in messages from the archangels as well so they are called Aura and Chakra Reports with spiritual healing is one service or Aura and Chakra Reports with spiritual healing and Messages from the archangels is another service so that is how I do my spiritual healing work I did offer chakra micrographs however I’ve decided I’m going to stop that service for the time being and there are also Light Code Activation Healings which are a small schematic or drawing representative of light codes which are specific to a particular healing that needs to happen right now in your energy with a short channeled message alongside it they are available for $44 AUD I do offer zoom readings as I said they will be available to be conducted um between 9:30am and 2:30pm on Thursdays and Fridays AEDT so if you’re unavailable to do that session in that time please send me a message and I will try to accommodate the session for you via zoom if that’s what you would like to do yes so please check out the links below my Facebook page and feel free to like share or comment on this video that’s very much appreciated I’ll be back next week with the Collective Energy Forecast for the following week. I hope this has resonated for you and I hope you have a magnificent week wherever you are in the world and I’ll talk to you soon! Bye!

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