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Bundle it UP: Peace, Patience & Expectations.

Time is something that is fleeting moment by moment- taking you from moment to moment – and yet sometimes you can’t even recall those moments.  This is when you’re on autopilot. Aimlessly rolling through life waiting for tomorrow and daydreaming of your expectations.

This is me.


Most days I am completely present living in the moment, smelling it, enjoying it and breathing it in with all of myself and other times I’m distant to it like I’m just merely vaguely observing it while I think of a million other things I could/should/would be doing or maybe be doing next week or even in 2 years from now. Wonderful- the mind isnt it?

See I’m sure I’ve blogged about this before: No More Monkeys this lack of mindfulness one has takes away from their peace. For me, there’s expectations and impatience that, at times, jeopardise my peace. I expect things to happen at a particular time- and then I get tangled up in expectations of time and lack of patience that overall affect my peace, and in turn those fleeting moments in life.

Time is in the moment.

So in essence I am writing this blog to suggest to you that if you find that you on autopilot, or lacking patience or that your expectations are not being met in a particular moment – just remember that time is something that is fleeting moment to moment and that being mindful in these moments will allow you to enjoy life and have peace!

Take care and enjoy your journey!

Stephanie Rae Pritchard x

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