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7 Signs You are Spiritually Awakening

A┬áspiritual awakening is the process by which an individual increases their conscious awareness. It can be a gradual or sudden process and can be characterised by signs – some of which I will outline below.

A spiritual awakening in my view is different to spiritual enlightenment as this is more of a completed and constant state of realisation where the level of consciousness remains stable.

I have outlined below some signs of a spiritual awakening. It is by no means exhaustive but hopefully can validate what you are going through.

Signs you are experiencing a spiritual awakening include feeling emotions intensely, being frustrated with life, questioning your beliefs, unexplained tiredness, aches and pains, synchronicities and increased senses and intuition.

  1. You may start to notice that your emotions are more intense than usual. You may experience more intense sadness or happiness compared to what you have previously.
  1. You may have a strong sense of frustration or restlessness where you are not happy with the meaning in your life
  1. You may start questioning everything you have been taught to believe. You will question your job, your career or your relationships and their place in your life.
  1. Physically, you may experience unexplained tiredness or feeling drained. You may also experience bouts of dizziness or ringing in the ears.
  1. You may experience vivid dreams that are frightening or more intense than usual.
  1. You may experience synchronicity or coincidences where two seemingly unrelated events seem to coincide with each other, related to you by meaning rather than a tangible cause. For example, you have been thinking about chocolate all day and you go shopping to see three other shoppers consuming chocolate before realising that they are giving blocks of them anyway for free- woo hoo!
  1. You may experience heightened senses where your sight, hearing, taste, touch or smell becomes intensified. You may also experience heightened intuition.

I hope these tips have enabled you to recognise if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. If you want further clarity and support join my list to receive a spiritual awakening checklist and informative fortnightly newsletters.

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Leave me a comment and let me know what signs you have or are experiencing.

Until next time, enjoy your journey!

Stephanie x

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