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2nd April 2018- 8th April 2018 New Heights, Acceleration, Planning

This week you will notice the better flow and shift in energy then previous weeks. We are in a slowly heightening state where we are awakening further on all levels. You may find you have new ideas and there are new beginnings this week as the is a higher overall state of energy. We are reaching new heights collectively and you may find that things in your life that you have wanted to come to pass happen quicker than you think.

There is also an element of planning this week as it is the time to plan your next course/s of action, and start to implement those plans in positive and steady ways. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day so steady and slow progress is a great way to allow the energies to settle and plough your way through to reach your goals in business, or in your relationships. You may find that you have many goals and new ideas so take the time to prioritise your main action plan and leave the rest for a later time.

Overall this week should flow through well with a much more positive outlook than the last.


Stephanie x

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