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28th January 2018 – 3rd February 2018

We are in a period of transition. Right now, a lot of endings. Many many of us are really feeling tense and tired. We are energetically letting go and releasing aspects of ourselves.
Astrologically, this coming Wednesday there is a Super Blue Blood Moon this can be seen in Australia. It is representative of major cosmic shifts and energies that are going to accelerate new positive beginnings for many of us. In the days following, there may be drastic ideas and notions that you have not previously thought of possible or new positive opportunities out of left field that are coming your way. So keep your eyes peeled.
Ultimately, it is a week to remember your strength, spend some of it doing something just for yourself, and remember to expand your positive vibes doing something that brings you JOY!
Keep following the rainbows!
Stephanie x

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