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26th March 2018 – 1st April 2018 Reflection, Potential and Letting Go

There is a period of careful reflection this week much like the last as we enter into new beginnings and leave the old behind. Inexplicably it is the tale of two cities where some of us are holding ourselves back due to past situations, letting that go and finding focus on right now and others are reaching for new heights and experiences more in line to their true desires. It is important this week to remain in the moment. Be here NOW.

You may find past hurts coming up this week as they are being healed and a renewed sense of positive energy is finding its way through in the next few weeks as we reach a greater height of awareness collectively. You may find more rest is needed this week.

You may also notice as the week ends some new invitations or experiences that are likely to happen faster than you are anticipating as the energy coming into April is accelerating those new beginnings- so it’s time to get ready to step up 🙂

Have an amazing week!!!

Stephanie x



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