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23rd August 2017-29th August 2017 Commitment, Resistance and Restitution

Energetically speaking, you are holding the reigns this week as you steer your pathway in this new phase. Hostility, within yourself or others, may be prevalent Рas we generate the momentum and action taking focused on our passions and wholeheartedly move forward. You will know where you want to go and will start to take the action to move forward positively. Home front Рthere may be changes and restructuring  and slight upheaval but you will remember to smell the roses and take the time for gratitude.

Inevitably the humbleness of your demeanor will be noted however your outlook may be challenged as you resist that which you are moving towards. There is a need to refocus on why you are committing to your actions and you will be driven in your pursuits in all life matters.

Ultimately action leads to you the opportunity to rejuvenate and contemplate your chosen directions as early September you will be the new frontier.

Have a wonderful week!

Stephanie x

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