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1st February 2021 – 7th February 2021: New Beginnings, Gratitude & Oneness.

Welcome to a magical new year. One of new beginnings, gratitude and a sense of oneness. I am Stephanie Rae Pritchard, I am going to provide weekly channeled guidance for the collective. The collective to me are the group of people who are here to serve humanity by providing light so lightworkers, psychics, mediums, healers, pagans and shamans. I call these group of people the Rainbow Spirit Warriors Tribe (this is also my Facebook group name). I know those who read this blog are meant to and those who don’t aren’t meant to this is my intention and so it is.

The complexities of energy are such that this channelled guidance is general in nature. If it doesn’t all sit with you let it go, if it does take it on board. I am told that I am a prophetic healer and this is one of my missions while I’m here on the Earth. I am here to support, guide, motivate and inspire other lightworkers and help them on their journeys.

It is truly magical since I started this journey consciously way back in 2016 that my clients are already awakening, they are already on their path and they usually have had some deep unhealed trauma or grief that I need to help them through. I do not seem to attract the teeny boopers or the ones who are just looking for their next lover but the people who actually need spiritual healing or connection to their past over loved ones – so I know this is what I am here for and its a winding journey up the mountain but I will tell you that I am walking it regardless of anything.

Anyway lovely to be back and now I will channel for you the weekly guidance for the week starting Monday 1st February 2021 until Sunday the 7th of February 2021.

“This last year has been one of dissatisfaction and upheaval. But as the last waves are upon us and the calm starts to set in, there is a breath of gratitude and relief that is in the air. Many of us are settling down to the NOW and appreciating the elements of life for what they are. Seeing the Full Moon, showing and feeling love and gratitude for nature and love for our fellow man. Now there is a renewed focus on the self. The self and the protection of the self. As new beginnings for many are rife, exploration and play are more apparent, the self allows connection to be inward. Connection and play are supported in love this week”.

That is the end of the channelled message. I also drew a card from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards Deck. The card is Sky Father: Trust in the Unknown.

Hope you have an amazing week!

In love, peace and joy always,

Stephanie xxxxxxx

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