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11th December 2017- 17th December 2017 Communication, Elevation & Busy Time

This week I am shown a time of flow for most moving into a higher vibration one that is resonating with your current state. Those that are in a good and positive flow will continue with the elevation in their action taking and progression will be fast. There is a notion that the week will be flowing and graceful with plenty of time for reflection and stillness.

Ultimately this week I am shown that there will be a continuance with communication with your higher guidance teams and initiating plans for the coming year/s. Also, it is about heightening and strengthening the communication with colleagues, friends, family and others in the physical plane.

There is a need to have measured responses at times particularly if the person/s to which you speak are experiencing some type of lack at this current time.

There are many people who will feel as if this week goes incredibly slow and find themselves spinning in circles as in a whirlpool with too much to do, it is natural at the time of year to slow down, unwind, implement and prepare. One must be sure to use their energy in a measured and pace manner, prioritise well and have breaks!

Hold onto your hats as there will be a continuing elevation in energy as the year transitions in the next..

Until next time, keep smiling!

Stephanie x



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